From Alcúdia to Ciutadella by ferry

Próximo Ferry | September 6, 2022

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, but it turns out that Ciutadella was the old capital of the island of Menorca, in the same way Alcúdia, for a time, was the capital of Mallorca, due to its strategic location in the northeast.

One of the most popular summer maritime routes of our islands is the one that joins Mallorca and Menorca from Alcúdia i Ciutadella by ferry.

We will start our route in Puerto de Alcúdia. It should be noted that, according The Times newspaper, Alcúdia is the second most beautiful town in Spain. Its main role is the Roman origin that can be breathed through its alleys.

Ready for our journey?

Thinking on moving around Menorca, probably, the most comfortable way is to board the car on the ferry. But if you just want to spend the day in Ciutadella, simply buy a ticket for you and your family, partner, friends or travel alone, which is also a very good option. In the Próxim Ferry application you can by tickets.

And from the Roman Alcúdia we come to Talayotic Menorca. The ship docks at the commercial port of Ciutadella, which is very close to the city center and where the Alcúdia Ciutadella docks.

For many people, Ciutadella is their dream city. We are not going to fool ourselves, it is a stately city with a lot of tradition, history, friendly character, horses and a lot of life, with a great heritage to visit. We find this noble and elegant character in the palaces of the Plaça del Born that merge with the cobbled streets and the numerous religious spaces, highlighting the Gothic-Style Cathedral of Santa Maria.

Did you know that the cathedral is at the highest point of the city?

la Catedral en Menorca

It is good that the tour por Ciutadella begins precisely in El Born, one of the leading places in june, where many people gather to enjoy the Sant Joan celebrations. You can see the Town Hall building and from here start the route heading to Molí des Comte or the port.

In the port you will discover multiple bars and restaurants with terraces, where you can try the famous stews or rice dishes, as well as other products from the sea. Another place where you will also find an atmosphere to have a drink is in the Plaza de la Esplanada.

Continuing in the port, you will see a staircase to climb and go towards the historic center. On this promenade there are different shops and the best views of the sea, perfect for photographing at night.

We highlight the Teatre d’Es Born building, the Palau Salort, which is next to the Palau de Torre-Saura, and the Sant Agustí Cloister.

We emphasize two aspects of Ciutadella. The first one is the importance of handicrafts in the village, so you can keep Menorca in your mind by buying one original item from Menorca . Ensure that they carry the ‘‘Avarca de Menorca’’ label, which guarantees the quality and origin of the product.

zapatos artesanos Menorca
Menorquines artesanes

The other topic is gastronomy. For those of us who like to eat, we are lucky. Since this year 2022, Menorca has been declared a European Region of Gastronomy by the International Institute of Gastronomy Culture, Arts and Tourism.

Touring Ciutadella and stopp to enjoy a meal in an establishment that serves fresh products and kilometer zero is mandatory. You will find a wide variety of restaurants like the ones we propose in this post:

**Please note:it is usually full and it is not possible to make reservations on the terrace.

  • Es Tast de Na Silvia. Family restaurant, where only the original product from the island is handled.

**The midday menu is highly recommended from this corner.

  • El Hogar del Pollo. This is not a tourist bar. It is a meeting point for locals to share and eat tapas near ses Voltes.

Do you want to spend a day in Ciutadella?