Ferry Dénia Formentera: Timetables and offers

Rutes | November 15, 2022

Are you thinking of planning a getaway? With the ferry that connects the Península directly with Formentera and without making a transfer to Ibiza, you will have a direct journey and in just 2 hours.

Keep on reading, we give you all the information you need to plan your trip.

There is only one shipping company that makes the direct connection to Formentera and the Península, without having to take another ferry to Ibiza at destination, and it’s Baleària.

Tips for planning your trip with the Dénia Formentera ferry

  • How to get from Dénia to Formentera?
  • When is it best to travel by ferry from Dénia to Formentera?
  • Where to stay in Dénia to cath the Dénia Ferry?
  • Where to take the ferry from Dénia to Formentera?
  • How much does it cost to travel by ferry?
  • If you are travelling with children
  • If you are traveling with your vehicle
  • Accomodations on board the ferry to Formentera
  • Travelling with a pet
  • Where to book tickets?
  • Tips for traveling on the Dénia Formentera ferry

How to get from Dénia to Formentera?

The shipping company Baleária, launches a Fast Ferry service to connect, directly, the port of the Península in Dénia with the island of Formentera, but you also have the option of going by ferry to Formentera with transfer in Ibiza, on this ferry you have the option of traveling in a cabin.

When is the best time to travel by ferry from Dénia to Formentera?

With no doubt, the best time of the year is from “Holy Week” (Easter time in Spain) to Octobrer, because of the good weather, it is very pleasant to travel by boat, and the shipping company that connects the ports of Dénia and Formentera, only operated during these months. Now as a novelty for the high demand of this line, the company keeps this line, all year around, so whenever you want, you can travel it in any period of the year.


Where to stay in Denia to catch the Dénia Formentera ferry?

Departure port from the Península is Dénia, so if you are coming from Formentera or leaving from the port of Dénia maybe you can think to spend a night in Dénia to rest. If so, you won’t have problems booking in a nearby hotel to the port so you can walk and forget about the car.

The are several hotels in the area and of various prices, such as the Hotel el Raset, overlooking the port that costs around €100 a night (depending the season) or the Hotel Costablanca located near the main commercial street, where the entire gastronomic area and where pets are allowed and the room costs €59 a night. By season prices may vary and we advise you to book in advance.

Where to take the ferry from Dénia to Formentera or opposite.

The port of departure in Formentera, is from the maritime station of the port de la Savina, and from Dénia, at Moll de la Pansa s/n; you have the address here.

How much does the Dénia Formentera ferry cost?

If you are not resident in Formentera, the average rate on this line is approximately €106, if you live in Formentera you can get a much cheaper rate.

In summer, you have the option of buying the excursion on the day from the Peninsula, with embarkation at 08h00 am, at the Port of Dénia. The cost is aproximately €80 roundtrip per person, in July.

We recommend it, it’s the cheapest way to discover Formentera by Ferry.

The journey by boat takes 2 hours. Time will fly away by drinking a coffee, reading or listening music.

If you travel with children

This ferry offers on-board entertaining and connectivity through the ship’s WIFI signal, a network that you can access through the purchase of vouchers to connect throughout the trip in addition to audio-visual content for all devices on demand, with great variety of content: cinema, series, books, press and magazines.

And what’s more, with the freedom of movement when travelling by ferry, you can enjoy a more peaceful journey.

Traveling with children

If you are traveling with your vehicle on board, we recommend:

Arrive early enough to find the place where you leave your vehicle to take it on board the ferry. Remember that if you travel with companions they will go up through the passage access, but the driver will embark with the vehicle through the access to cellar.

You must be there one hour before the departure of the ferry, if you board by vehicle.

Prepare your hand luggage with the necessary, once you leave your bags in the car, and the crossing begins, you can no longer access your car.

If your destination is Formentera, and you travel in high season from June 15th to September 15th, you will have to book a place here, a reservation website for driving around Formentera.

After carrying out this management, on the same website you can check with the car plate, the status of authorization to enter the island. You also have the option to rent a vehicle there if you do not want to follow these steps or move by bus. We leave you all the info here

100% electric cars(zero emissions) travel for free in Formentera, you just have to bring the technical sheet showing C02CERO, emissions, if you can prove it the cost is 0€.

Parking before boarding the ferry

You can get to the port by bus and taxi, but if you go by car you will find a free car park right in front of the miritime station.

Port of Dénia car park

There is a short-stay car park where you can leave your car for a maximum of one hour, while collecting your boarding passes, and another long-stay car park your where you can park your vehicle until you return from your trip, remember that the first 45 minutes are free in all parking lots, but after that the 24-hour rate is €12. 

Accommodations on board the ferry to Formentera

You can rest in the standard accommodation, armchair, or the more comfortable upper armchair in synthetic leather and reclining to rest. Optionally this ferry has the VIP armchair, also very comfortable and reclining with access to a terrace to enjoy the outside of the ship.

And finally, the Lobby Bar accommodation, in the open spaces and tables with free access for all passengers.

Traveling with a pet

There is a designated space on the terrace, with calm houses, of different sizes, so that the animals feel secure during the journey.

where can I book ferry tickets from Dénia to Formentera?

In Pr´óximo Ferry, you can book the ticket to travel on the ferry that connects Dénia with Formentera, you can find all the ferry itineraries from the Península to the Balearic Islands, compare the timetables and book your ticket in 3 clicks.

Tips for travelling on the Dénia Formentera ferry.

Check that you have your identity documents, and also from your car, if you are traveling with it.

Take the opportunity to carry the electronic card on your mobile, and avoid waiting times at the ticket office.

Go to boarding with time enough

And enjoy the freedom of travelling by ferry. Good trip!