When you reach the port of La Savina, in Formentera, you have a wide range of possibilities to choose which means of transport you will use to move around the island.

If we were you, we would choose the bicycle as the most sustainable means with the environment and at the same time the one that allows you to enjoy every inch of terrain, every detail, every moment. This island that “has more sea than land” you must be known as it is presented to you. Quiet, austere and simple.

If you prefer to go motorized, you can rent a vehicle (motorcycle, car or electric car) at the port. There, so close to the sea terminal, you will find the offices of the rental companies.

These are some of the car rental companies that work in Formentera and its websites. Judge for yourself. Choose the one that suits you:


Moto Rent Pujols:

Moto Rent Migjorn:

You also have the most comfortable option: move on public transport. On this website you will find prices and regular lines. Move by taxi or bus:

Autocares Paya:

However you move, enjoy Formentera.