Ferry Denia Formentera

Rutes | June 16, 2023

Did you know that to get to the island of Formentera you can not only do it from Ibiza, but also you can do it directly from the Peninsula and with your own car? Let us show you how to get to Formentera and what you cannot miss on this island considered a natural paradise.

When going to the island, you have to know a few things, casue it’s very usual to think that to get to Formentera you have to fly to Ibiza and take a boat from there that will take you to the island. There is another option that is go from the Península by ferry.

The closest port to embark and the one that will take less time to travel, is the port of Dénia, from which you can even take your own car.

The ferry that covers the line between Dénia and Formentera, is a fast ferry that takes two and a half hours to make the journey, so you can make excursions from the Península and go and return in the same day, for those who have little time is a way to enjoy Formentera and much cheaper since it is not necessary to stay at the destination, for the most curious, we show you what services the boat has:

It has an area with seats, with a shop placed in the middle. Then you can go up to the top where the VIP area is, with more spacious seats, where they serve you a snack and you have access to the outdoor terrace.

Ferry Denia Formentera

Once you are in Formentera, if you arrive with your own car from the Península, you drive down directly from the boat, it’s that easy.

Here are some tips for getting around the island:

If you haven’t brought your own car, the ideal is to rent a motorcycle or a bike, as soon as you arrive at the port, in addition to having the tourist information booth, you will see that there are many shops where you can rent bikes or the motorcycles.

How to choose which is the best option: if you are not going to travel a long distance, the ideal si to take a bike, because from one side of the island to the other there are just over 20 kilometeres. If you want to travel the entire length, the ideal is the motorcycle, in fact you will see when you go around the islans that is the most used vehicle without a doubt.

As you can see Formentera ,is a natural paradise that has some of the most beautiful crystalline water beaches in the world.

In fact, the sea that connects Ibiza and Formentera, is a natural park declared a Wordl Heritage Site, thank to the large posidonia meadows.

The posidonia is a marine plant, it is not an algae, which is endemic to the entire Mediterranean Sea, it is in charge of filtering and oxygenating the sea water and it is shat gives it that unique color so characteristic.

It is a plant that is vital for the marine ecosystem. Without these Posidonia meadows many of the marine species that currently exist would simply disappear. There are areas of the Mediterranean where, since Posidonia has disappeared, most marine species have also disappeared.

We answer the most frequent questions that travelers who are interested in traveling with the Dénia Formentera Ferry ask us.

  • How long does it take from Dénia to Formentera by boat?
  • Where does the boat leave you in Formentera?
  • How long does the ferry take from Ibiza to Formentera?
  • How much does the ferry from Dénia to Formentera cost by car?
  • What do the passengers of the Dénia Formentera ferry say?

How long does it take from Dénia to Formentera by boat?

The Balearia company operates this line with a fast ferry that reaches Formentera directly, without stopping in Ibiza, in approximately 2 hours and a half.

It allows you take your vehicle or you can leave it in the car park to pick it up when you return from your trip.

Its schedule allows for a roundtrip excursion on the same day, departure at 08h30 a.m. from the port of Dénia, and return from the port of Formentera at 09:00 p.m.

Where does the boat leave you in Formentera?

In the port of La Savina en Formentera, it is the only port where all the ferries enter from Ibiza or from the port of Dénia.

The distance between the port on the Península, Dénia and the port in Formentera are 111,1 km, it is a port where as soon as you get off the ferry, you have all the services at your fingertips, restaurants hotels, bus stop, bus stop taxis and rental car offices.

How long does the boat take from Ibiza to Formentera?

The crossing lasts from 25 to 60 minutos, depending on the type of Ferry. In general it lasts approximately 30 minutes, some ferries carry vehicles and take approximately 60 minutes.

On our web or APP, you can see the real-time comparison of all the ferries that go from Ibiza to Formentera daily, with their benefits, the state of the sea, even the bus stop upon arrival in Formentera

How much does the ferry from Dénia to Formentera cost by car?

The price of the Dénia Formentera ferry may vary, depending on the accommodation you select, and the type of ferry. The average round-trip ticket for a person with their car is between €145 and €200.

For this reason, we compare all the ferries for you to choose the best price.

What do the passengers of the Dénia to Formentera ferry think?

Passengers who travel with the Dénia Formentera ferry are satisfied with their trip, it does not seem like a long journey, arriving in Formentera in approximately 2 and a half hours is a comfortable journey. You can also have a drink in the cafeteria and look at the store on board or simply tell your friends about your trip or watch a movie through wasap, since you have these services on board, during the journey.

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