Discover the hidden beauty of Caló des Moro: A hidden paradise in the Balearic Islands

Próximo Ferry | November 15, 2023

Mallorca, known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, keeps a unique and hidden secret: Caló des Moro. Located on the north coast of Mallorca.

This small cove is a hidden treasure, a true paradise waiting to be discovered. Caló des Moro is famous for its undisturbed natural beauty. Its turquoise waters and soft sand attract nature lovers looking for a quiet haven to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the busiest tourist areas. In addition, its limited access and remote location make it a more exclusive and less frequented place.

When visiting Caló des Moro, you will find yourself surrounded by a stunning landscape, with rocky cliffs and lush vegetation. You can enjoy a day of sun and sea without the typical crowds of the most popular beaches. Don’t miss the opportunity to discover this hidden gem in the Balearic Islands. Caló des Moro awaits you with its dreamlike landscapes and its calm and relaxed atmosphere. Come and immerse yourself in this secret paradise!

  • Introduction to Caló des Moro
  • Location and accessibility of Caló des Moro
  • The natural beauty of Caló des Moro
  • Activities and attractions in Caló des Moro
  • The best time to visit Caló des Moro
  • Tips for visiting Caló des Moro
  • Options and accommodations near Caló des Moro
  • Local cuisine and dining options near Caló des Moro
  • Conclusión: Why Calo des Moro is a hidden paradise in the Balearic Islands

Introduction to Caló des Moro

It is a beautiful beach located in Mallorca, Spain. Located on the southern coast of Mallorca. With its turquoise waters and picturesque surroundings, this beach attracts travelers looking for a quiet and picturesque place. Visitors can enjoy activities such as snorkeling with multicoloured fishes, lounging on the white sand, and exploring surrounding cliffs.

Access to Caló des Moro can be a bit complicated as the road leading to the beach is marked as private, but it is possible to drive to the beach. It is recommended to follow the directions of the place

Location and accessibility of Caló des Moro

Accessing this beach in the south of Mallorca is a bit complicated, the road that leads to the beach is marked as private, but it is possible to drive to the beach, but parking is limited and during the high season it is difficult to find a place, so we recommend arriving early to secure a parking spot.

Additionally, it is important to note that there is a walk from the parking lot to the beach. Visitors will have to walk up a steep path and climb some rocks to reach the beach. Therefore, it is advisable to wear appropiate footwear and exercise caution when walking the trail. To find the exact location of Caló des Moro, you can use GPS coordinates or follow the instructions of local guides.

The natural beauty of Caló des Moro

The natural beauty of Caló des Moro is truly impressive. This small cove is surrounded by spectacular cliffs and lanscapes that give it that special charm and make it a place that you cannot miss on your ferry getaway to Mallorca.

Caló des Moro activities and attractions

Caló des Moro offers the perfect setting to relax on the beach, sunbathe, swin and simply enjoy the natural beauty of the area, it is a great place to relax and sunbathe on its white sand and turquoise waters.

Snorkeling, is a paradise that offers a variety of fish and marine fauna to enjoy calmly.

The views of its cliff with the contrast of the water make it the perfect time to take some incredible photos.

Boat trip, consider taking a boat tour to discover stunning places along the coast.

The best time to visit Caló des Moro

The best time to visit the Caló des Moro in Mallorca, is during the summer months, when the sun shines brightly and the sea water is warm and crystal clear. This small paradise hidden on the southeast coast of the island is a perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature.

To get to Caló des Moro, you can take a ferry from Mallorca. Ferries are a convenient and accessible option for visitors who want to explore the island’s beautiful beaches and coves. Additionally, the ferry trip will allow you to enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea as you head towards your destination.

Once you arrive at Caló des Moro, you will find a dreamed beach. The fine white sand mixes with the turquoise water, creating a contrast of colors that will leave you breathless. The natural beauty of this place is simply stunning and will make you feel like you are in paradise.

Tips for visiting Caló des Moro

  • Bring the necessary equipment: Don’t forget to bring with you what you need to spend a day at the beach. Remenber to bring sunprotector, a towel, a sun umbrella, sunglasses and a good book to enjoy the cove to the fullest. It is also advisable to wear appropriate footwear to walk along the rocks and access other small nearby coves.
  • Explore the surroundings: Es caló des Moro, is just one of the many stunning coves you can find in the area. Take advantage of your visit to explore the surroundings and discover other nearby beaches, such as Cala S’Almunia or Caló des Burgit. These smaller coves are usually less crowded and will give you the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the Mallorcan coast at its best.
  • Respect for the environment: last but not least, always remember to respect the natural environment of Es Caló des Moro, do not leave garbage on the beach and respect the indications and rules established to preserve this beautiful place. Remeber that we are visiting a protected natural area and it is our responsibility to take care of it so future generations can also enjoy its beauty.
Views of Cala S’Almunia

Options and accommodations near Es Caló des Moro

We present some options to stay near this paradise.

Hotels with charm

If you are looking for a unique experience, we recommend staying in one of the charming hotels near Caló des Moro. These establishments offer cozy rooms and a personalized attention that will make you feel like to be at home. In addition, many of them have swimming pools and gardens to relax after a day at the beach.

Holiday apartments

If you prefer to have more independence during your stay, vacation apartments are an excellent option. You will be able to enjoy your own space and cook your own meals, which will save you money. In addition, many of these apartments are located just a few minutes walk from the beach, so you can enjoy Caló des Moro at any time of the day.

Rural houses

If you are nature lover and looking for quiet accommodation, rural houses are ideal for you. In the surroundings of Caló des Moro you will find beautiful farms and country houses, surrounded by dreamlike landscapes. You can enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature, while being close to the beach.


If you are of those who enjoy life outdoors, camping is an economical and fun option. In the Caló des Moro area you will find several campsites equipped with all the necessary amenities, such as bathrooms, showers and suupermarkets. You can camp near the beach and enjoy the starry nights in Mallorca.

Hostals and pensions

If you are looking for an economical and simple option, hostels and guesthouses are a good alternative. You will find establishments with single or shared rooms, where you can rest after a day at the beach. In addition, many of them are located a few minutes from Caló des Moro, so you can enjoy the beach without having to travel much.

In short, in the surroundings of Es Caló des Moro you will find a wide variety of accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer a charming hotel, a holiday apartment, a rural house, a campsite or a hostel, you will surely find the perfect place to enjoy your holidays in Mallorca. Don’t wait any longer and book your ferry ticket here, you can compare all the companies!

Local gastronomy in Mallorca and gastronomic options near Es Caló des Moro

The island of Mallorca is famous for its delicious local cuisine, which combines Mediterranean flavors with fresh, high-quality ingredientes. From traditional dishes to more modern options, Malllorca’s culinary offering is varied and exciting.

Traditional dishes

One of the most emblematic dishes of Mallorca is the “ensaimada”, a spiral-shaped sweet that can be found in all the bakeries on the island. Another typical dish is Mallorcan fried food, witch consists of fried pork with potatoes and peppers. It is also recommended to try tumbet, a delicious dish of roasted vegetables with tomato sauce.

Dining options near Caló des Moro

If you want to enjoy near Caló des Moro, we recommend visiting the Sa Foradada restaurant. This restaurant is located on a cliff with stunning views of the sea and offers a wide selection of Mallorcan dishes, such as grilled lamb and fresh fish. Another recommended restaurant is Es Molí d’en Bou, which has a Michelin star and offers a high-quality culinary experience.

Conclusion, the local gastronomy of Mallorca is a delight for lovers of good food. From traditional dishes to moderns options, the island offers a wide variety of flavors and culinary experiences. If you are near Caló des Moro, do not hesitate to explore the nearby dining options and discover the unique flavors of Mallorca

Conclusión: Calo des Moro is a hidden paradise in the Balearic Islands

Es caló des Moro is the ideal space to disconnect and connect with nature, try its unique cuisine, in this post we have only given you some of the reasons that will make you decide to travel to Mallorca by ferry, and spend a few days unforgettable moments in Cala des Moro, we hope to see you soon in Mallorca. Have a good trip!