Tips for Travelling on a Ferry with Young Children: Making the Journey an Unforgettable Adventure.

Próximo Ferry | April 5, 2024

Travelling on a ferry with young children can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can also present some unique challenges. From keeping them entertained during the journey to ensuring they are safe and comfortable, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth trip.

In this article, we will explore some helpful tips to help you prepare for travelling by ferry with your little adventurers, whether it’s from Ibiza to Formentera or other routes.

niña bañandose en la playa de formentera
  1. Plan ahead :

    Before embarking on your ferry adventure, take the time to plan ahead. Research the ferry company’s policies regarding children and familiarize yourself with the onboard facilities. You can find information at

Make sure to book your tickets in advance and consider opting for cabins or private rest areas if you are traveling overnight to ensure a more comfortable experience for the whole family. On shorter routes, ferries do not have cabins, such as the Ibiza Formentera ferry, as the journey usually lasts approximately 30 minutes.

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2. Prepare an Entertainment Bag:
A well-stocked bag of activities and toys can be your best ally during the ferry journey. Pack colouring books, crayons, small toys, and travel games to keep your children entertained during the crossing. You may also want to consider bringing a tablet with movies or TV shows downloaded in advance for moments of peace and quiet.

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3. Don’t forget about snacks:
Young children tend to get hungry at the most inconvenient times, although on board ferries you can always opt for a children’s menu or a snack, make sure to bring a variety of healthy snacks on board. Fresh fruits, cookies, cereal bars, and bottles of water are excellent options for emergencies.

4. Be flexible and patient.
Travelling with young children can be unpredictable, so maintain a flexible and patient attitude during the journey. Be prepared to adapt to the needs and desires of your children and remember that the ferry ride is part of the adventure. Stay calm in stressful situations and remember that even small setbacks can turn into fun memories later on.

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Personal Experience:
During our ferry trip to the Balearic Islands, my children were excited for the adventure awaiting them in Formentera. Although they were initially restless about the length of the journey, we managed to keep them entertained with games, stories, and some special surprises we had saved for the trip. Seeing the excitement on their faces as we sailed towards our destination made all the preparations worth it.

Viajar en ferry con niños pequeños puede presentar desafíos, pero también ofrece la oportunidad de crear recuerdos duraderos en familia. Con una planificación cuidadosa, una bolsa bien surtida de actividades y una actitud positiva, puedes convertir la travesía en una aventura inolvidable para ti y tus pequeños exploradores. Así que prepárate para zarpar y disfruta del viaje hacia tu próximo destino con tus hijos a bordo. ¡La aventura espera!

Traveling by ferry with young children can present challenges, but it also offers the opportunity to create lasting memories as a family. With careful planning, a well-stocked bag of activities, and a positive attitude, you can turn the journey into an unforgettable adventure for you and your little explorers. So get ready to set sail and enjoy the journey to your next destination with your children on board. Adventure awaits!