When you reach the port of La Savina, in Formentera, you have a wide range of possibilities to choose which kind of transport you will use to move around the island.

You can move around the island of Formentera, according to your needs by public transport, rental car, bicycle or bike.

Getting around Formentera by bike

If we were you, we would choose the bicycle as the most sustainable way of moving, gentle with the environment and at the same time the one that allows you to enjoy every inch of terrain, every detail, every moment. This island that “has more sea than land” should be known as it is presented to you: Quiet, austere and simple.

Bicycle on the beach of Formentera (Balearic Islands)

If you want to know Formentera by bike, we leave you this map, edited by the Insular Council of Formentera, so that you can do any of the 8 routes that it proposes by bike.

You will have advantages and so, you can enter the beaches of Ses Illetes and Llevant for free and you do not have to pay any control acces fee.

Bike rental prices may change according to the season, but the will not be very high.

How long does it take to go around Formentera?

Three days is probably the shortest time to see the best places in Formentera and have enough time to soak up its atmosphere.

In three days you can visit the best beaches and coves of Formentera, visit the lighthouse, explore some defensive towers, enjoy the food and the unique atmosphere of the island.

What day is better to go to Formentera?

If you can choose the best time to go to the island, there is no doubt, the best months are May, June, September or even October.

What is the weather like in Formentera

The climate in Formentera is characterized by mild summers and few rainy days. In August, which is the hottest month, you can find highs of 30º and lows of 21º. In May, the maximum temperature is 22º and the minimum is 14º.

Its climate in general makes the island one of the best places to visit almost all year round, to discover its beaches, monuments, culture and gastronomy.

Formentera is visited throughout the year, even in winter as it is mild, with many sunny days, it is rare for it to be very cold.

In summer, from June to September, it is hot and sunny, it rarely rains, and in late Autumn, from September to November, it is warm and mild, there can be long periods of goog weather, but you can also find some rainy and windy days.

The sun is frequent in spring, it is the ideal season to visit cities and go on excursions.

Car or motorcycle rental in Formentera

If you prefer to go motorized, you can rent a vehicle (bike, car or electric car) at the port. There, so close to the sea terminal, you will find the offices of the rental companies.

These are some of the car rental companies that work in Formentera and its websites. Judge for yourself. Choose the one that suits you:

Formotor: http://www.formotor.com/

Moto Rent Pujols: http://motorentpujols.com/

Moto Rent Migjorn: http://www.motorentmigjorn.com/

Cab de Barbaría Lighthouse Path in Formentera

Getting around Formentera by bus or taxi

You also have the most comfortable option: move on public transport. On our website you will find on the different lines on the island and what points the connect.

However you move, enjoy Formentera.