How to go by ferry with a motorhome to Ibiza

Próximo Ferry | October 13, 2023

If you want to get to Ibiza with your camper vehicle, you have to do it by ferry from the ports of Barcelona, Valencia and Dénia. If you want to plan your trip, keep reading.

You have several companies that connect the Península with the Balearic Islands by ferry, Baleària, Trasmed and GNV. In Próximo Ferry you can compare prices and schedules.

How to get to Ibiza by Ferry?

You have to keep in mind the type of ferry. You will see that the journeys usually last between 4 to 8 hours, and depending on the port of departure you will travel at nigh or during the day. It is important to know this to book the type of accommodation, as they have cabin.

We recommend going to boarding 90 minutes before departure time to board the vehicle and remember to take what you need for your trip, since access to the warenhouse is not allowed once the journey has started.

Options to get to Ibiza by ferry:

  • Ferry Barcelona <> Ibiza.
  • Ferry Valencia <> Ibiza
  • Ferry Dénia <> Ibiza
  • Ferry Palma <> Ibiza

How much does it cost to travel to Ibiza with a motorhome?

Its depends on the measurements of your camper vehicle, motorhome… remenber that travelling in a van is cheaper than traveling in a motorhome. It also depends a lot on the flexibility of your trip, whether you do it in high or low season.

If you choose a basic accommodation, like a seat which is the most economical, on ferries there are usually rooms whithin TV on them. You have the option of traveling in a more comfortable cabin, if you travel with children or pets, but it’s more expensive.

Approximately 4 people with a dog, in a 7 metere motorhome, in a cabin, round trip, can cost €500, but it depends on the company and the ferry you select.

If you travel in your motorhome on the ferry with a pet

It depends on the weight of your pet, with less than 8 kg they can travel in a carrier and the staff on board will tell you the areas you can access with them, you must always wear a leash and muzzle when boarding and disembarking the ferry, and therefore of course your valid card.

Remenber that with Próximo Ferry, you can compare all the shipping companies that connect the islands with the Península Don’t forget to check our travel tips! we hope we have helped you. Happy journey!