Mistakes you should not make on your trip from Ibiza to Formentera

Próximo Ferry | September 29, 2023

viaja a Formentera

We leave you useful information that you have to count on for your ferry trip to Formentera

  • Book your trip in time

Don’t make the mistake of booking at the last minute, especially during high season and festivities. If not, you can find that all the accommodation and ferries are full, or the prices are much higher.

In Próximo ferry, you can compare all the ferries that go to Formentera, and book the best option for your trip.

  • If you bring your own vehicle, even if it is rented in Ibiza, remember to pay the fee in advance, there is limited capacity and it fills up.
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  • Do not explore beyond the beaches.

Don’t stay only with the image of the beaches, Formentera is much more, visit the lighthouses and its picturesque towns, take nature walks and enjoy the local cuisine.

  • Do water activities

Formentera is perfect for snorkeling, diving, paddlesurfing, kayaking…..

  • Prepare yourself for the beach, bring sunscreen, booties, water, food…and most importantly REMEMBER, respect the environment, never leave garbage on the beaches or in other natural places.
Es Caló des Mort
  • Do not plan return transportation

Formentera is connected to Ibiza via ferry, if you plan to do the day trip, be sure to plan your return transportation in advance, beacause the ferries can fill up quickly.

  • Enjoy the sunsets.

In Formentera they are spectacular, look for a strategic place either on the beach or at a viewpoint and enjoy the magnificent spectacle of colors.

Who would you take to this paradise?

Extra information: How to get there? by ferry from Barcelona, Dénia, Valencia or Ibiza, we recommend travelling for 4 days to enjoy the island peacefully, you have public transport but we recommend bringing your own vehicle by ferry or renting one, you have all the options in the Port of Formentera (La Savina).

You have many options in accommodation, such as Cas Saliners with beautiful houses near the beach, places that you cannot miss

  • Playa de Ses Illetes
  • Faro Es Cap de Barbaría
  • Es Caló
  • Faro de la Mola
  • Pueblo Sant Francesc