The easiest and most convenient way to travel by ferry between Ibiza and Formentera

Próximo Ferry | July 2, 2024

Afer operating exclusively from, for the first few years, we made the Próximo Ferry app available to you in the Apple and Google Play stores.

If you are someone who travels regularly between Ibiza and Formentera, the app is an essential tool. Not only does it provide completely updated schedules, but you will also be informed in real time of any incidents or last-minute changes that may affect you.

In case of any incident, you will receive a push notification informing you about it.

If you are travelling to Formentera, passing through Ibiza to connect with a plane or another ferry, our app will be perfect for planning your trip and the available bus line to formentera’s port upon your ferry’s arrival.

And if you are coming on vacation to Formentera from Ibiza or farther away, Próximo Ferry will be incredibly useful because, in addition to knowing the schedules and sea conditions, you can also comfortably purchase your travel ticket for any of the four companies operating between the Pitiusas.

All this is at your fingertips by downloading the app for free from the Apple and Google Play stores, and all the information about the maritime line between Ibiza and Formentera will be just a click away.