Sunsets have always had a magical allure. The orange, crimson and golden hues that tinge the sky turn our eyes just like a classic masterpiece. This is where our inner photographer comes out and captures the moment.

In Formentera, there are endless places where we can admire a sunset, but if we also want to immortalise this peaceful moment, here are three off-the-beaten-track spots to marvel in awe at nature’s evening extravaganza.

The first is in the area of Punta Pedrera and Es Banc. From here you can admire the fading sun as it gracefully dips into the sea. However, the show is also acted out in the carved-out rocks of this former quarry. What’s more, the reflection of the sun on the water is an exceptional bonus track.

The second of the three magical places from which to see how the day fades away is at the Mirador de La Mola. Nestled on the road that heads up to La Mola is El Mirador Restaurant, which commands a privileged position from which to admire the sunset, with the lower half of Formentera in full view. On cloudless June days it’s even more spectacular because the sun gets ever so close to the Vedrà islet, giving off a truly breathtaking image. It might be a bit crowded, but it’s well worth it.

And, last but not least, you really have to see how the sun slips behind the mills of Sa Miranda, just a stone’s throw from Sant Francesc. Seeing the black background with the outline of a mill is one of the priceless images of Formentera’s unforgettable nature shows.

The sunset is a stripped-down pleasure that this magnificent island rewards visitors with.

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