For quite a few years now, La Mola has been much more than just the site of a fantastic hippy market. Of course, the market is still one of the most popular attractions of the Formentera summer (just pop up on a Wednesday or a Sunday to check it out), but fortunately the town of El Pilar de la Mola (its full name) has recently become a must-visit destination for culture lovers.

The Casa del Poble (village hall) has become a meeting point where each week you can enjoy the events organised by Espai F. The list is endless, including concerts on Thursdays, the much-loved open-air cinema on Fridays, folk concerts, and so on. What’s more, the Casa del Poble functions as makeshift library, where you can borrow and lend books.

And new on the cultural scene is the renovated La Mola lighthouse, which on its ground floor now houses a museum on all things maritime and another space that can host temporary exhibitions.

All this is available in La Mola, a place where you head to every day, if you’re not there already.