The Ferry Ibiza Terminal is located at 100 Santa Eulària Ave. Ibiza Town. Here you are the link to GoogleMaps: https://goo.gl/maps/DqX2ZkosenSfZtXC8

Ibiza-Formentera Ferry tickets can be bought at this terminal, although if you want to skip the line, mainly in the busy summer months, it’s better to buy them online on our website booking.proximoferry.com. It’s easier and faster.

Almost all the ferries crossing to Formentera depart from this terminal with one of the four companies operating between the two islands: Trasmapi, Baleària, Formentera Lines and Aquabus.

But, only if you’re traveling on the Posidonia ferry Baleària, you must keep in mind that this ferry leaves from another pier, 20 minutes away from the terminal. Here you are the link to GoogleMaps: https://goo.gl/maps/Lb3vv9UpzUiVjUBe8

Where to park in Ibiza?

If you are looking for a parking near the Ibiza-Formentera Ferry Terminal, you have two options:

Parking at “Es Pratet” which is 5 minutes away from the terminal. Here you are the link to GoogleMaps: https://goo.gl/maps/dzpvyY6Ci3enc83A9

And parking at “Es Gorg” (located next to Ikea), which is free and is 15 minutes walk away.

What to do if you are waiting at the port of Ibiza for the ferry

If you have a little time, before taking the ferry from Ibiza to Formentera, let us give you some tips so that you can take a walk around the Ibiza Maritime Station. All of them are less than 10 minutes away on foot.

Walk of Vara de Rey (or s’Alamera)

It is one of the most pleasant areas to walk very close to the port, S’Alamera or Passeig de Vara de Rey remains unchanged over time. Almost all its facades, look the same as in the last 60 or 70 years.

They have only changed their color, as if the ride had washed its face.

The park square

Parallel to Vara de Rey, separed by a block of houses to the south, is the park square. One of the corners of the city that brings together the most atmosphere throughout the year, at the foot of the Renaissance wall that links the bastions of Sant Joan and Sant Pere. It is full of crowded of bars with terraces and restaurants, and there are also some shops. The emblematic Theatre Pereyra turns its back on this square.

Shops near the port of Ibiza

For original purchases, in the Marina area, very close to where we were, you will find all kinds of shops.

We love Majoral, a jewelry store, which is an excellent step prior to your jump to Formentera, because Majoral creates a universe that recalls th Pitiusa of the south, the Mediterranean Sea, popular culture and nature, and that materializes in some innovative jewels, without limits in the use of materials and techniques.

Majoral has a workshop and stores in Formentera and Barcelona, in addition to this store in Ibiza.

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