Culture offer of Formentera

Rutes | August 30, 2022

The way to get to the Island is by the Ferry Ibiza Formentera, since it does not have an airport, and can only be accessed by sea. Even so, it is a very accessible island thanks to the large number of daily departures of the Ibiza Formentera Ferry.

In this post, we will tell you why artists from all over the world are so attracted to this natural environment. Keep reading!

Formentera is a place full of corners where you can find inspiration. It is a perfect setting for those artists who want to capture the charm of the island’s nature in their work.

It is for this reason that, since the 1960’s, Formentera has received artist from all over the world so that they can set up their studios and can work and exhibit their works on the island.

Cultural spaces

Townhall Showroom

Local artist are provided with three rooms to exhibit their work, standing out the Sala d’Exposicions Ajuntament Vell (located in Sant Francesc Xavier).

This space shows all kinds of art, either local and international artists. The exhibitions are usually inagurated free of charge on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. These are temporary exhibitions.

The Center Antoni Tur “Gabrielet”

Another space where you can enjoy the cultural offer that there is in Formentera, is Antoni Tur “Gabrielet”, where in addition to organizing exhibitions, you can also go to different craft workshops.

Faro de la Mola

For a few years now, Formentera’s maritime culture and heritage has been exhibited at the Faro de la Mola. It is a magical place, since it is a cultural space where it is possible to enjoy exhibitions, concerts, conferences and even theatrical performances.

The schedule changes according to the season of the year. To enter you have to pay €4.5, except for residents, minors and unemployed people who can enter for free. For pensioners and students, their ticket will have a reduced price of €2.5.

And the artistic path of Formentera continues on paper in the book “Formentera una mirada enrera”. It is a work made up of little bits of the island that you can take home and remember your trip or read while you are resting on one of the fantastic beaches. If you want a copy, do not hesitate to write to us. The history of Formentera goes further…..

Etnographic collection of Formentera

To end the cultural route, it is possible to visit the Ethnographic Collection of Formentera, where you can get closer to the ways of life of the past, through a permanent exhibition of tools, utensils, furniture, clothing and instruments belonging to the time before the first half of the last century. The hours are from 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday and you can access it form free.

Knowing the cultural richness of a place, in addition to everything that its landscapes and beaches can offer, trying its gastronomy and walking through its history, is the best way to travel.

Culture is the memory of the people, the collective people, the collective consciousness of historical continuity, the way of thinking and living.

Milan Kundera – Czech novelist and essayist.

The Insular Council of Formentera has a website where you can consult the calendar of the different events, art and painting exhibitions, as well as the markets, that are held and the heritage assets that you can visit.

If you want to go to Formentera to make different plans and enjoy the cultural offer that the island provides us, remember that you have multiple ferris Ibiza-Formentera avaible every day. Through Próximo Ferry we help you to buy the tickets and to be informed of the schedules so that you can enjoy Formetnera with your partner or family.