Ferry trip from Ibiza to Barcelona: complete guide

Próximo Ferry | November 4, 2022

Barcelona can be your getaway to go on vacation, to see family or friends, to disconnect….. if you are thinking of travelling by ferry, stay and read on

Barcelona is one of the most visited cities, what makes Barcelona unique? some of its best-known places, La Sagrada Familia, el Park Güell, la Casa Batlló, la Pedrera, Las Ramblas, el Barrio Gótico, the Picasso Museum, its port is very accesible you can get to Barcelona by ferry from Ibiza, we give you the information you need to travel and some tips.

  • What ferries leave from Ibiza to Barcelona?
  • Where does the ferry from Ibiza to Barcelona in the port of Ibiza?
  • How long does a ferry from Ibiza to Barcelona take?
  • How much is the ferry from Ibiza to Barcelona?
  • Where is the port of Barcelona?
  • Why travel to Barcelona by ferry?
  • What are the services on board for the trip to Barcelona by ferry?
  • Where can I book the ferry tickets from Ibiza to Barcelona?
  • Useful tips for the trip from Ibiza to Barcelona.
Park Guell, Barcelona

What ferries leave from Ibiza to Barcelona?

You can travel by ferry from Ibiza to the Valencia, Barcelona o Denia, and arrive at the following ports: Barcelona, Valencia y Denia. The most popular route is the one that reaches the port of Barcelona, on the northeast coast of Spain.

There are 3 shipping companies that connect Ibiza with the port of Barcelona, GNV, Trasmed y Baleària. All Ibiza Barcelona ferries have a garage for vehicles, cabins, reclining seats, outdoor deck spaces, cafeterias, self-services.

Panoramic view from the Castle of the ferries Ibiza Barcelona

Where does the Ibiza Barcelona ferry dock in the port of Ibiza?

In the Botafoc Dock in the port of Ibiza, it is where the ferries that connect with the Peninsula, Barcelona, Denia and Valencia dock.

How long does a ferry from Ibiza to Barcelona take?

The journey with the ferry from Ibiza to Barcelona, usually lasts between 8 and 11 hours, depending on the shipping company you travel with.

We advise you to travel in cabin accommodation, so that your journey is more comfortable and you can rest.

Tip: book in advance, it is one of the most booked routes and ferry tickets tend to sell out during periods of high demand, such as long weekends, Christmas, summer.

How much is the ferry from Ibiza to Barcelona?

The price of the Ferry from Ibiza to Barcelona, may vary depending on the period in which you book, it has an average price of 116€, remenber that if you are a resident of Ibiza or another of the Balearic Islands, such as Formentera, you will get a discount on the rate passenger, any type of vehicle is excluded.

Important: Any citizen of the European Union residing in Ibiza or one of the Balearic Islands is considered a resident, If they are registered in the town, where they have their habitual residence, to benefit from this discount on the ferry provided that the rate is allow.

Residents of Formentera have a 89% discount on the passenger fare and residents of the Islands of Ibiza, Mallorca, and Menorca have a 75% discount on the passenger fare.

Tip: Always have the documentation that you may be asked for at hand, both in the offices and when boarding the Ibiza Barcelona ferry.

Where is the port of Barcelona?

In the center of the city you will find the port of Barcelona. If you travel with Baleària, the boarding of the Ferry to Ibiza is at the Drassanes terminal, here you have the loccation on Google Maps.

If you ship with Trasmed o GNV, the Maritime station, is located on the Sant Bertrán wharf in the port of Barcelona.

In the Port of Barcelona, you have the metro station, line 3, the closest to Drassanes, and also several bus stops around the port, such as lines 88, 88B, 21, 59 , as well as taxi ranks in the area from the port of Barcelona.

The port of Barcelona is approximately 20 minutes from the Barcelona Sants train station.

If you want to go to the Barcelona, we recommend the L3 metro lines from Drassanes to the city center and then the A1 and A2 buses , to the Barcelona airport, the Prat.

If you go to the port by car or motorcycle, you must go along the C-31 road and then join the B-10, which is the one that reaches the port area.

Panoramic view of the port of Barcelona

Why travel to Barcelona by ferry?

It is an essential option if you want to travel with your car, and take all the luggage you need or travel with your pet, enjoying the areas enabled on the ferry.

Traveling by ferry is already a vacation, enjoying the sea, the natural environment and having the freedom to choose to travel with your pet, bring your car or caravan, carry sports equipment that is so complicated by plane.

If you travel as a family, the option of reserving a cabin becomes very comfortable for everyone, and the shipping companies offer workshop activities for the little ones.

What are the services on board for the trip to Barcelona?

The ferries that connect Ibiza with Barcelona, have a large seating capacity, have large spaces and are equipped for a comfortable journey.

Accommodations on board: Seats and cabins.

In all cruise lines you can choose a lounge seat, more premium seats or a private cabin.

The premium seats, being a little more comfortable than the common seats, are ideal for trips in which you want to take advantage and work, they are more spacious.

The cabins, if you travel as a family, would be ideal, especially if you travel with a baby, they have their own private bathroom and wardrobe.

For people with reduced mobility, the ferries are adapted to offer spacious seats for wheelchairs and cabins, and priority boarding.

Food on board

You can enjoy a coffee, snacks, refreshments or the option of a complete menu, you can find the option of self-service or a la carte restaurant.

There are many options to choose from and adapted gluten-free menus, vegetarian menus, foods for people with lactose intolerance.

Inflight entertainment

On board the Ibiza Barcelona ferry, you will find TV in the lounges and in the cabins, with movies in the lounge areas, and you will also find access to different entertainment platforms with audiovisual content, movies, series, games.

Depending on the availability on the ferries there is free or paid WI-FI.

The shops on board, you can buy a gift, you can find everything from perfumes, toys, chocolates…..

Or simply walk looking at the sea, have a coffee or read a book with the background of the sea.

Travel with your vehicle

Una de las mayores ventajas al viajar en Ferry, es la opción de llevarte tu coche, moto, bicicleta o caravana.

One of the greatest advantages when traveling by ferry is the option of taking your car, motorcycle, bicycle or caravan with you.

Tip: If you decide to travel with your vehicle, board at least 2 hours in advance, remenber that the ports usually have a lot of traffic entering and leaving.

Traveling with pets

Traveling with your pet by your side is no longer a problem, you can take his carrier to take him by your side, or leave him in the designated areas with adapted cages shere you can visit him during the journey or see him through the cameras enabled to be able to view the cage.

On some ferries you can walk with then on the deck or ask for a cabin adapted for pets, if your dog gets nervous on trips this is the best option to travel.

We recommend that you carry your pet’s card with the vaccines and deworming in order, since they can ask you for it at any time to travel.

Traveling with your pet is now much easier

Where can I book the ferry tickets from Ibiza to Barcelona?

On our website booking.proximoferry.com, you can find all the ferry itineraries from the Balearic Islands to the Peninsula. Find the best options, compare companies, departure times to Barcelona, and book your ticket in 3 clicks!

Useful tips for the trip from Ibiza to Barcelona

Prepare your boarding pass for check-in, reduce waiting times and queues, confirm with your company and if you have the option, use the electronic ticket.

In Barcelona, you will have no problem staying or eating something, there are multiple options.

Getting around Barcelona is very easy, both by public transport and if you travel by car, you have parking to leave your vehicle near the port.

We advise you that if you have already decided to travel by vehicle, book soon, as places are sold out especially in high season.

We say goodbye to the blog, with an appointment for traveling spirits.

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