If you like football, come to Formentera

Próximo Ferry | October 28, 2022

If you are a fan of this sport, you will like to live the experience of seeing this year, the main team of SD Formentera playing in the second Royal Spanish Football Federation. In addition, enjoying this privileged environment with good weather, shere you can taste its cuisine, and visit incredible places, what else could you expect?

  • Football Club: SD Formentera
  • Family travel: sports leisure.
  • Why travel to Formentera in low season?
  • How to get to Formentera?

Football Club: SD Formentera

SD Formentera is the football club founded in 1.971, with a team that plays this season every two weeks with great enthusiasme. They play against teams, Catalans, Valencians, Aragonese….. You can see all the information of the matches they play here.

S. D Formentera

Family Travel

If you travel as a family, take the opportunity to go beyond the fun, watching the game with your children is the ideal time to communicate and instill values, attitude and ideas. It always brings something positive and it is time to share leisure with the family, and at the same time transmit sportsmanship, camaraderie, respect…. Becoming an indelible memory.

Creating sporting habits at the same time as learning to follow rules and moving away from a sedentary lifestyle are some of the benefits that sport brings to people.

Why travel to Formentera in low season?

It is an ideal way to travel, more and more people are visiting Formentera in low season, for many reasons:

  • The climate of Formentera in October; most of the time the temperatures remain high, the climate is ideal for bathing even in October, doing tourist routes or outdoor activities. Its climate accompanies you on your getaway.
  • As it is not high season, you won’t find so many tourists, it is much quieter, ideal to disconnect and rest without anyone bothering you in a relaxed and beach atmosphere.
  • In this season you will find more offers than in high season and prices are lower than in summer.
  • You will discover sunsets and landscapes with the new colors of autumn perfect for photographing. In Formentera you have 32 different green routes, if you prefer to walk, you can also tour the Ses Salines Natural Park by bike or horseback or simply stroll along Mitjorn Beach along its wooden walkway.

It is ideal to practice scuba diving, it can be an adventure, dive through its waters and enjoy its aquatic environment.

How to get to Formentera?

The easiest way is to go by plane to Ibiza, and then take a ferry from the port of Ibiza to Formentera, to check the ferry schedules from Ibiza to Formentera, enter our application and you can book at the moment.

You can only get to Formentera by ferry, as this island does not have an airport, it is only accessible by sea.

In this entry to our blog we explain how to get to the port where the ferry that arrives in Formentera docks.

We recommend that you visit this agenda of activities in winter, in Formentera, ranging from weekends, gastronomy, but also cultural and non-sports activities.

If you could not make that getaway in summer, now is the time to come to Formentera. We will wait for you!