Travel from Ibiza to Formentera

Próximo Ferry | August 25, 2023

una mujer viajando en ferry de Ibiza a Formentera

If you are looking for useful and practical information for your trips, keep reading this, keep reading this little quick guide, to enjoy these two small paradisiacal islands that are Ibiza and Formentera.

If you want to get away for a full weekend and enjoy two days full of adventure, we will tell you everything you need to know and what places to visit, with little time between the two islands.

How to get to the island of Ibiza? you have two options: The first one is to arrive by plane. Ibiza airport is located about 78 km from the capital. Second option, is to arrive by ferry, from the Península and you can do it from the ports of Barcelona, Valencia or Dénia.

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When you arrive on the Island of Ibiza, as you can travel with your own car on the ferry, once you dock at the Port of Ibiza, take your car and comfortably, without depending on anyone, you can move around the entire island.

If you travel without a car, you can book a car, motorcycle or bike in Ibiza or you can also check the bus schedules here and move around the islands easily.

We start with these top places to get to know the Island of Ibiza:

  • Dalt Vila
  • Cala Compte
  • Mercadillo de Las Dalias
  • Cala Es Bol Nou
  • Es Vedrá
  • Sa Caleta
  • Playa Benirrás

We recommend that you visit Ibiza, its old town, Dalt Vila, visit its walls and medieval gates, it is spectacular, it is very well preserved. The views and the bastions are a must.

Image of Dalt Vila Ibiza

Other very special places are its beaches and coves. Cala Compta is one of the most visited. It stands out for its access, it is very easy to get to and once you are there you can enjoy its services. It has hammocks, umbrellas, lifeguard service and a beach bar where you can eat something if you are hungry, but over all, this cove stands out for its natural landscape. Postcard photos come out easily.

We recommend you to arrive early, because from the first hour of the morning it fills up quickly, especially in high season, and practice snorkeling, since with the rocks, the landscape is very fun.

The Dalias market, is another place that you should visit, not only for you to take a souvenir of your trip, but also you will be able to eat, and visiting it at night is quite an experience, you will love the atmosphere.

Cala Es Bol Nou, is different because of its reddish rock that contrasts with the turquoise water, it is a natural landscape that makes it different from the rest of the beaches in Ibiza. The water is calm and it is as if you were bathing in a pool.

Go to see the rock of Es Vedra, it is more or less 30 minutes from the center of the capital. It is a very beautiful place, the best time is at sunset; you will have a spectacular view.

Es Vedra Ibiza

Another beach is Sa Caleta. You can enjoy a unique place, and see the wooden buildings where the fishermen keep their traditional sailing boats, the wooden llaúts. You will love its natural environment.

And finally, in Ibiza, visit Cala Benirrás, where the sunsets are very charming.

If you are in Ibiza, you have time for a day trip to the island of Formentera.

To get from Ibiza to Formentera, you have to go by ferry, due Formentera does not have an airport. The trip only takes 30 minutes, but it gives you time to enjoy the beautiful views of Dalt Vila.

Top places to visit in Formentera:

  • Ses Illetes
  • Ses Platgetes
  • Es Caló de San Agustí
  • Mirador de Formentera
  • Pilar de la Mola
Ses Illetes Formentera

In Ses Platgetes, we recommend taking a walk along its wooden walkways, while enjoying the views of its beaches.

If you come to Formentera you can buy the ferry tickets online at and it compares all the ferries in real time and you save the queues of people that you will skip thanks to carrying the boarding passes on your mobile.