You have reached a place where, if you go too fast, you will soon run out of the island. It is better to take it easy and discover each of the hideouts of Formentera that await, without haste, without stress, to be discovered by the observer.

In the Próximo Ferry’sBlog you will find some ideas to enjoy the island in the best way. Far from noise and haste a world opens in which you, and only you, will be the protagonist.

Immerse yourself in the island starting a literary walk through Formentera. “A blinding white light, flooding a dry and solar atmosphere, is the basic characteristic of the island.” “Es Cap is one of those places that break the general indifference of humans to their everyday world.”

Discover one of the most beautiful places in our environment with a walk from the torrent de s’alga to the torrent Fondo. The path to go down to the torrent Fondo is not easy but it takes us to one of the most remote reefs in Formentera. We will pass near the house of a prestigious French designer, who reminds an Aztec temple.

Or visit Sant Valero, a movie cave. It is one of the largest caves in Formentera with more than 350 meters depth. Legend explains that the captain of thieves Vicent Pepa found a hiding place in the galleries of the cave.

Finally, we recommend you a very active group of people. Disfruta Formentera that is a group created for people who like to play sports. They make hikes, hikes on full moon nights, bike routes … each one at their own pace, to enjoy and have fun.

Formentera is small, delicate, simple, but you do not finish it.