What to see in Ibiza in 4 days

Próximo Ferry | October 21, 2022

If you are thinking about your trip to Ibiza, and you want to make the most of your time to get to know the best of Ibiza, these are some of the favorite places to visit Ibiza.

  • The Dalias markets
  • Sant Jordi flea market
  • Ses Salines Natural Park
  • Dalt Vila
  • Saint Gertrude
  • And finally getaway to Formentera

Las Dalias market opening hours

It is held every Saturday from 10h00 in the morning, but in summer, you can find it open from 07:00 p.m. On its website you can see its agenda with the events it organizes, just in case those days coincide with your visit to Ibiza.

Decorations at the Dalias market (Ibiza)

Sant Jordi market

Another of the famous markets in Ibiza, due to its influx of people, is Sant Jordi market, where you can find many curiosities and novelties every Saturday. You will only find this one on Saturdays from 09h00 to 15h00, Hippodrome of Sant Jordi.

Normally, it is there all year round and you can find everything there; clothes, shoes, jewellery, hardware stores, furniture, plants… It is a meeting place between visitors and people who live in Ibiza all year round, making it a very special.

Sant Jordi market (Ibiza)

Natural Park Ses Salines

You will be impressed by the set formed by the salt flats, the mountains with the enormous pine forest and the sea, it is ideal to get lost. Its blue color is intense combined with the white sand of its beaches.

It houses different birds, even in winter you can see a flamingo. You can spend almost an entire day in the area if you like to walk and enjoy the scenery.

Ibiza sunset, Ses Salines (Ibiza)

Ibiza Salinas Beach

To get to the beach by car you have a parking lot that costs 6 euros. Its turquoise waters will catch your attention, it is a quiet beach with its parking nearby for your comfort.

It has several beach bars to eat and rent hammocks; one of them is Malibú, there is also Sa Trinxa and Beso Beach.

You have various options to enjoy the whole day on the beach.

Dalt Vila

Its name means “the upper city”. Is the old town of Ibiza, its wall is the most important monument in Ibiza and its construction was ordered by King Felipe in 1555.

Nowadays its streets have nice shops, restaurants with terraces to enjoy, and because of its height you can enjoy walking around the views when you go up to the fortress. Essential places are the plaza de la Catedral, Ses Taules portal, the Medina Yabisa interpretation center or the Sa Portella alley.

Santa Gertrudis how to get there

It is located at the center of Ibiza, the yellow color that decorates the windows and doors of almost all its buildings stands out. It offers decoration shops, boutiques and restaurants…. with a family atmosphere. Quiet and with endearing corners, it is worth sitting down at one of the tables in the square and enjoy their “tapas”.

Santa Gertrudis (Ibiza)

Getaway to Formentera

If you are in Ibiza, surely you have time to make that ferry getaway from Ibiza, and visiting Formentera from Ibiza, is the easiest thing to do.

On our website Próximo Ferry can check the Next Ferry to Formentera, we recommend our blog post one day in Formentera.

The journey is comfortable, the ferries leave from the port of Ibiza and you can go and return on the same day, so you do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a day on the Island.

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